New World Symphony Campus Expansion
                    500 17th Street, Miami Beach FL
                    Architect: Gehry Partners LLP
      Consulting Engineers: Mayer Structural Design


• MSD, Inc.’s task was to design all the exterior structural cold formed steel framing including all architectural features such as the Ticket Booth, "Scoop”, roof top elements, and Music Director’s Suite.


• MSD, Inc. was responsible for designing and developing the framing system for all the concert hall acoustical high ceiling panels, "sails", and balustrades. All of these elements were composed of curvilinear studs and shotcrete for sound refraction.


• Due to the nature of Gehry’s design, no two connections of the "sails" and "pillows" to the MWFRS were the same and required extensive coordination using 3D modeling software between the fabricators, field personnel, and our office.